The Rose Kennedy Blues

By Clar Doyle

September 30 - October 4* at 8:00 pm *EXTRA SHOW ADDED
Performance Information
The Rose Kennedy Blues

The Rose Kennedy Blues is a play centering on the protagonist, Oddin. The play chronicles the life, imagination, wit, and tragedy of Kevin Lewis (Oddin is the childhood name given him by his brother). Oddin learned early in life to default to his imagination. This imagination is best manifest in his imaginary driving of his school around his community. These elaborated driving details connect the various junctures of Oddin’s life journey. While the play navigates around the tragedies in his life, Oddin proves to be a resilient and productive survivor.

Length of Show: 90 mins

Intermission: 15 mins

*Due to overwhelming demand an additional night will be added to the run on October 4 at 8:00 pm*



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