Presented by DW Productions

February 23 - 25, 2017 at 8:00 pm
Performance Information
Barbara Barrett Theatre

Stockholm PosterA story of a couple that everyone wants to be. Tomorrow they will be in Stockholm where the summer sun shines 24/7 but sometimes it’s dark all day long.

Treading a fine line between tenderness and cruelty Stockholm is a relationship unravelling, beautiful but it’s not pretty.

Photography by Kings Photography 


  • Kali - Alanah Whiteway
  • Todd - Chris Bishop


  • Director - Christine Young
  • Stage Manager/ Lighting & Sound Design - Stephanie Curran
  • Choreographer - Brooke Steinhauer
  • Assistant Stage Manager - Meghan Keating
  • Props - Tina Dalton Scott

Poster Designs by Alanah Whiteway and Stephanie Curran 




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