Sean Wilson & Tony Mac "Back in Town"

Presented by Unicorn Promotions

September 13 at 7:30 pm
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Sean Wilson & Tony Mac "Back in Town"

This performance has been cancelled. Please contact the Box Office at 256-1081 for a refund. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sean Wilson's muscial career began the day his late father bought him his first accordian. After a few lessons from a local teacher, Sean developes his skills with patience and hard practice over many months. He then was able to join the family ceile band, playing dates near his home in The Loup, Co Derry. One night at a local dance, someone asked Sean to sing a song and much to people's surprise; Sean had a voice with real quality. A few months later he was offered a record deal. This was Sean's intoduction to the UK market, and over the next few years had sold millions of cassettes earning him the 'Biggest Seller' award from the Federation of British Market Traders. Sean moved to a UK recording company giving him global distribution. Arounf the same time was to team up with a well known Irish musican, Tony McIlvanna. Better known as Tony Mac; Tony had spent many years touring with top Irish bands all over the world and plying his trade as a session musician for many recording studios. Together with their wealth of experience and love for the music, Sean and Tony formed one of Irelands most successful duo's. Sean Wilson and Tony Mac play all across Ireland, United Kingdom, United States of America and even travelling to Australia.

Still going stron after 20 years these two young men can still knock out a great beat for dancing feet, and are still in demand all over the country. So, if you haven't had the chance to hear them play, come along to the Gander ACC on September 13 and we promise you won't be disappointed.



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