Password Help

Change Password
To change your password, complete the following steps on the My Account page:

1. Enter your current password in the Current Password text box
2. Enter your new password in the New Password text box

Tip: Passwords are case-sensitive (meaning that PASSWORD, PaSsWoRd and password are not the same). Your new password may be required to have a certain number of characters, upper and/or lower case letters, a number, and/or a symbol. If your password does not meet the requirements, you will receive an error telling you what is missing

3. Confirm your new password by typing it again in the Re-type New Password text box.
4. To put your new password into effect, click the Change Password button.

Forgot Password
If you can't remember your login password Click Here and complete the following:

1. Please enter and confirm your Email Address.
2. Click on the Recover Password button.
3. Your password will be reset with a temporary password and emailed to you.
4. The Email address will be the same one your confirmed in Step 1.
5. The Email should arrive within (5) minutes, if it does not please check your Spam/Junk email folders.

Account Locked
If you have been locked out due to too many incorrect attempts on your password, please call 1-888-246-1411 or email to have your account unlocked.

If you have any questions or need assistance call Arts & Culture Centre Technical Support from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (Monday-Friday) at 1-888-246-1411.  We're here to help.