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Four Parts 

Four dancers, four musicians, rehearsed in isolation, performed in community.

Premiering February 18
: February 18 - March 4, 2021

FREE ONLINE PERFORMANCE. No tickets required.

TRAILER - "Four Parts" in Rehearsal


Four Parts is a collaboration between Strong Harbour Strings Collective and Untellable Movement Theatre whereby a choreographer/mover is paired with a musician.

There are four pairings in total and each pairing works on a single "part" of the quartet score for Jessie Montgomery’s ‘Strum’. Each mover interprets and embodies the musical line as played by their musician counterpart. The group does not come together until their physically distanced performance.

The final product is a 360 degree video optimized for cell phone which allows the viewer the opportunity to choose their own adventure and follow each mover by moving their phone. 

Untellable Movement Theatre's Four Parts is produced in partnership with Neighbourhood Dance Works and is made possible by the Arts and Culture CentresArts Connector Program .

Violin 1- Hilary Walsh
Violin 2- Vanessa Cardoso Whelan
Viola- Tanya Lasby
Cello- Josh Murphy

Violin 1- Carole Bestvater
Violin 2- Rory Graham
Viola- Maria Cherwick
Cello- Nathan Cook

Concept and Direction - Lynn Panting
Videography - Ritche Perez
Composer - Jessie Montgomery
Sound Mix - Brian Kenny
Technical Support - Karl Simmons


Premiering February 18. This incredible performance is optimized to watch on your cell phone. Move the phone around to see the full 360 degree performance. This performance will premiere online on February 18 via YouTube. You can return here to watch the video or follow the link to YouTube. Four Parts will be available to watch for free online until March 4.

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