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Revue 2016

Presented by Rising Tide Theatre in association with the Arts & Culture Centres

On Tour: January - March 2017
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Revue 2016

Revue 2016 Poster

At Rising Tide we’ve started to dissect the year for REVUE 2016. We’re turning this sow’s ear into a silk purse.  It’s like peeling and onion and it brought tears to our eyes. It’s been such a happy year in the Happy Province. 

Cathy Bennett found new ways to get blood from a turnip. Her latest idea – a fresh air fee. Heavy breathers are a menace to society so Bennett is proposing a FRESH AIR FEE. “This is not a tax” she insisted. “We take our clean air for granted. Not anymore, you’ll learn to appreciate it when you have to pay for it.”

Dale Kirby spent millions on all day kindergarten and saved thousands by closing Libraries. Unfortunately tiny tot teachers will have to introduce their prepubescent preschoolers to books because most will never have seen one.  “Kids don’t need books” the minister said. “Let them read television”.

Meanwhile schools around the province are closing due to budget restraints. Milton Peach, school board trustee says why close schools?  “Why don’t we just close communities? Then we won’t have to deal with bussing either.” 

Andrew Parsons has come up with a scheme to replace the courtroom in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. They will only have a night court. Students will use the gym in the daytime. Prisoners will be housed at the SPCA. “It’s time we treated inmates at least as well as we do stray dogs,” he said.

Siobhan Coady announced another loan guarantee from the federal government. This time it’s to pay for Ed Martin’s severance package after he quit NALCOR. 

Ryan Cleary needs a job, so after losing his NDP job and failing to win his PC job, he’s looking for a job as leader of the breakaway FISH NL. He’s hooked, ‘cause to qualify you need a big mouth.

Happy? We’re so happy we could… speaking of which, don’t miss RTT’s Tales from the Crapper featuring Paul Lane in “The Telltale Fart”, David Barzil as “THE FLY” (Help me! Help me!), and Earle McCurdy as “The Invisible Man”.

Revue opens the show in St. John’s in January, and for the first time, will also close the show in St. John’s at the end of the tour in March. 

It started in 1984 as a three-night show, a commentary on the events of the previous year and a way to give Newfoundlanders a collective sense of who we are and how our great sense of humor keeps us sane. Now into its 33rd season, Revue continues to fill the province's Arts and Culture Centres and beyond.



January 18-21 (& March 6-9) - St. John's Arts & Culture Centre

January 23-25 - Clarenville, Eastlink Events Centre

January 26-28  - Grand Falls-Windsor ACC

January 31- February 5 - Corner Brook ACC

February 7 - Stephenville ACC

February 9-12 - Gander ACC

February 15 - Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Lawrence O'Brien Arts Centre  

February 16 - Labrador West ACC

February 18-19 - Bonavista, The Garrick Theatre

February 21-25 - Carbonear, Princess Sheila NaGeira Theatre

March 6-9 - St. John's, ACC

March 10 - Trinity, Rising Tide Theatre

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Rising Tide Theatre's

Revue 2016

2017 Tour Dates

January 18-21: St. John's

January 23-25: Clarenville

January 26-28: Grand Falls-Windsor

January 31-February 5: Corner Brook

February 7: Stephenville

February 9-12: Gander

February 15: Goose Bay

February 16: Labrador West

February 18-19 : Bonavista

February 21-25: Carbonear

March 6-9: St. John's


Provincial ACCs and partner circuit venues


$30 Adults

$28 Students & Seniors (60+)

(HST and Service Charge Included)