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October 19, 2011


Wonderful Grand Band Reunite for a Provincial Arts and Culture Centre Tour


St. John’s – Nanny Hynes and Mr. Budgell are about to make an appearance once again as members of The Wonderful Grand Band (WGB) reunite to make their way across NL for a provincial Arts and Culture Centre (ACC) tour which begins in Labrador on November 3.


“We are really looking forward to it,” said Greg Malone who has been with the band since its conception in 1977 for The Root Seller , a six-part mini-series produced by CBC St John’s. “Touring is such a wonderful time. It’s a great opportunity to see the province and we get to perform for audiences we haven’t seen in 30 years and now they bring their kids along as well.”


The band members, which include Sandy Morris, Ron Hynes, Jamie Snider, Glenn Simmons, Paul “Boomer” Stamp, Ian Perry and Malone are all tremendously talented and successful in their own right, but put them on stage together and it’s a combination people of this province cannot seem to get enough of.


Malone said it feels good to be reunited with the band once again and that people can expect some old favourites, but that there is plenty of new material as well.


“It’s the same as ever,” said Malone of being back on tour with the band. “You pick up with people where you left off, except now I think it’s a little easier because we are all more relaxed and more appreciative. Appreciative we’re still alive and appreciative we can still do it.”


The WGB ACC tour includes stops at other venues outside of the ACCs that are considered a part of the ACC partner circuit. Dates are as follows: Labrador West ACC, November 3; Goose Bay, Lawrence O’Brien Arts Centre, November 4; Clarenville Events Centre, November 6; Gander, Joseph R. Smallwood ACC, November 7; Grand Falls, Gordon Pinsent Centre for the Arts, November 8; Stephenville ACC, November 10; Corner Brook ACC, November 11; Bonavista, Garrick Theatre; Carbonear, Princess Sheila NaGeira Theatre, November 14 and St. John’s ACC November 18 and 19. Tickets are $30 and $25 students/seniors. Tickets can be purchased at each venue’s box office and in St. John’s they can be booked online at www.artsandculturecentre.com.




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