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Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland's
Between Breaths

Presented by the Arts & Culture Centres

October 11 Labrador West

Between Breaths


The dramatic story of the man who saved over 500 whales.

From the final moments of his life to his first whale rescue, Between Breaths goes back in time to explore the life of Dr. Jon Lien. Well known in Newfoundland as the Whale Man for his daring rescues and whale-saving techniques, he now faces his greatest challenge yet — a life-altering illness. 

A moving exploration of the human spirit and the parts of ourselves we hold on to after everything else is gone. 

Written by Robert Chafe and directed by Jillian Keiley, Between Breaths includes original music composed by The Once, and stars actors Steve O’Connell, Berni Stapleton, Darryl Hopkins, and features musicians Steve Maloney, Brianna Gosse, and Kevin Woolridge.

Written by Robert Chafe
Directed by Jillian Keiley
Original music composed by The Once
Featuring: Steve O’Connell, Berni Stapleton, Darryl Hopkins, Steve Maloney, Brianna Gosse, & Kevin Woolridge
Stage Manager: Mara Bredovskis
Musical Direction: Kellie Walsh
Producer & Tour Manager: Patrick Foran
Costume & Set Design: Shawn Kerwin
Lighting Design: Leigh Ann Vardy
Assistant Lighting Design: Emily Sousanna
Sound Design & Technical Director: Brian Kenny
Assistant Sound Design: Pat Dempsey

*Also appearing at the Lawrence O'Brien Arts Centre in Happy Valley-Goose Bay on October 8.


TICKETS:  $35 Each | $25 Students (HST & service charge included)


October 11 - LABRADOR WEST, Arts & Culture Centre

SHOWTIME: 8:00 pm


SHOW LENGTH: 90 mins


ONLINE SALES: Online sales for all shows are available until 2 hours before show time.